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Unique handwritten interface

The NoteSlate handwritten environment, completely new way of computer interaction. Whole interface editable with pencil and eraser. Unique user experience in onecolor world of creativity and communication. Discover the NotesLate handwritten extensions for exciting next level paper imaginations.


Simple design & technology

Simplicity as one of the basics of NoteSlate tablet. One color monochrome display, one touch with pencil and three basic buttons. Natural paper look of the whole matte body and surface. Real size display in 1-bit ancient interface. Simplicity meets humanity.



Written communication

Revolutionary communication

NoteSlate communication, compatibility and simplicity again as the handwritten network, NotesLate platform for basic sharing, communication, work and fun... Optional world of interaction and NoteSlate extensions. Wi-Fi optional connectivity, SD Card and USB input. Compatibility and continuity. Surprisingly new experience.


NoteSlate is low technology tablet device with true one color display, real paper look design and long life battery. The unique simple interface for pencil and paper brings the obvious technology to completely new experience. This easy, compact and portable device is great for your notes, drafts, hints, any ideas for future reference. Paper for everyone! Write a note and check it later, save it, or delete it. Maybe send it later. Just one color is enough to express the basics. Second part of NoteSlate device is the NotesLate network, online/offline services and paper extensions, which push this revolutionary simple handwritten interface to next level. Interactivity and communication as never before. Discover one of the biggest world of imagination. Keep your life as simple, as you wish. The natural look of the "machine" was never so real. You will love the wooden feeling of writing or drawing.



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NotesLate extensions

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